"Click" action not working for this specific item

Guys!! Happy Friday :grin:

I keep trying to click the "choose file" button or link and for some reason what has always worked for me it's not currently working. Do you mind taking a look at the actions I am trying and let me know any tips or suggestion?

Actions I've tried so far:

Click Choose File.kmmacros (5.7 KB)

Are you getting any errors? Does Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine have Automation control over Chrome? Does Chrome has Allow JavaScript from Apple Events enabled?

Hi Peter, thanks for replying!!
I am not getting any error messages, but when you click the "Choose file" icon, it should open the browser to select and upload a file and my macro action does not do anything.... weird, right?
Thanks for taking a look:)

Make sure the macro is actually firing, then check if the Execute JavaScript is working (for example, use something like document.body.innerHTML and display it in a window and see that that actually works.

If it does, then it may simply be that the button is handled in some wacky way other than click().

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