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I seem to be having issues when I export/import macros to different machines. Work fine on one machine but not on others so am wondering - does the display resolution affect any actions that contain x, y co-ordinates from Found Image?

All sorts of differences between Macs can cause a macro to work in one place and fail in another, you’ll need to investigate what is going wrong.

Yes, screen resolution can affect the accuracy of a match or the number of matches, which can affect a macro’s behaviour. As can lots of other things.

As @peternlewis says, yes, these can affect the Found Image actions.

You might try this:

You can often restrict the area to be searched to an area relative to one of the corners of the frontmost window. This provides a much more accurate and faster search for the image.


This is a real pain. Previous versions of Vectorworks using QKs I could click on any bullet as shape of array was static. Now developers have been clever and array chages to reflect object orientation.

Anyone know if UI Browser could sort this?

And thank you Peter and JMichaelTX.

Forgot to mention. I did manage to create an if…then decision based upon x, y dimensions and that worked OK on my laptop. But soon as I try on other machines no joy. That is why wondering if UI Browser might give a more comprehensive solution.

Using Accessibility Inspector I can narrow down area but still does not look like I can specify button. Any ideas anyone?

Please post a screenshot indicating exactly which button you want to click. Put a red circle (or something) around this button.

I wish to be able to click any button. The button array enables resizing a rectangle according to which button is active, i.e. if rectangle is selected and middle button is clicked then the rectangle dimensions expand/contact from middle of rectangle, if bottom left button is selected then obviously resizes from bottom corner of rectangle, etc.

In earlier versions of Vectorworks the array was static so easy to specify the buttons, but array is now dynamic according to rectangle size and angle orientation. So there seems no way to find button by using found image and clicking. Instead I think I will need UI reference if this is possible.

do you really mean any button, or just the buttons on this panel:

Sorry yes - any of the buttons in the array as per pic.