Click on found image and keystroke not working with eachother

Hello I am new to keyboard maestro and i am trying to get keyboard maestro to work with pro tools to open a plug in from audio suite and click on a preset to render it. I can accomplish all this except..

for some reason when I add a keystroke to open the plug in, the command to move and click found image stops the keystroke from working. If I open the plug in manually the click found image command works. But my goal is to have the keystroke open the plug in and have the found image command to navigate and click on presets to use in session. If I remove the click on find image command the keystroke works... so im stumped on this. I have even added a pause for 3 seconds command after the keystroke and it doesn't work still. I have also added a bring the application foward with no luck. My english is bad so I apologize if I dont make sense. Here is a photo of the simplified command im trying to get to work. Right now Im focused on getting my keystroke to work with the found image command. Has anybody ran into these two commands not working with eachother?

I am on Monterrey OS 12.6.5
Keyboard Maestro 10.1.1

Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 5.05.51 PM

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Most likely you need a short pause after the keystroke to allow the application time to respond and open the plug in. Otherwise, since the application has not yet processed the keystroke, the find image fails to find the image.

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Hi - fellow Pro Tools user here. What is the CNTL-SHFT-H keystroke supposed to do? I see that you had already tried the pause after the keystroke and it still didn't work. Generally speaking though, it's common to need to insert small pauses in macros so that they don't run too fast, usually .3 seconds is sufficient.