Click on Found Image cannot find Text


On KM 9 with Chrome / Mojave 10.14.6 I am encountering a repeated issue where I cannot automate clicking on a text screen.

Take this example in my Office 365 email for example:

I would like a Macro which finds the first text on a page beginning with "I trust content from."

I did a copy/paste as an image on "I trust content from" and created a macro step like this:

When I run it I get this error:

I presume this issue is not truly that it is not "unique" because my configuration was not to seek a unique item.

Is the problem that I am searching for an "image" that is actually text? Is there a way to search for text on the page and click on that text?

Your fuzziness slider in the screen shot is set all the way to the left - try moving it to the right until the macro matches the image.

Tip: use the "display" checkbox to see what KM is matching (or not) to help fine tune the settings you need.

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That works. Thanks!

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