Click on found image mouse does not click t

I am trying to click on a portion of the screen in EndNote 20 ("summary" view of a record as opposed to "edit" view).

The mouse moves to the correct place but fails to click.

It seems simple enough. Is there something I need to try? thanks.

You may need to adjust the image fuzz factor:

And, many of us have it it works best using the "Best" rather than "Unique" image:

Thanks. I found another way to skin the cat here:

It hesitates a little (I also had to adjust for Big Sur*, not sure what the difference is) and will try fuzz and Best. Thanks for the suggestions.

*see these macros:
Delete Conversation.kmmacros (2.3 KB) Delete Message.kmmacros (2.3 KB)

(Those are for another use. But the same principle applies to EndNote where I need it. See next post.)

Actually, the pause until conditions are met is redundant; no pause is necessary. The key is in pressing the designated (named) button; clicking alone doesn't do the job. And so I modified the action to "move" rather than "click". Now it is faster.

Gotta love this app! But also the community of forum users!