Clipboard history switcher: how to copy both text+image and how to edit clipt


I have 2 questions concerning the excellent clipboard history switcher

  • I often find myself copying a selection of TEXT and needing to edit (make a small change to a clip) before pasting. This function does not exist in the CHS which is a bit frustrating because I have to paste to a 3rd party app and recopy. Is there any way around this ? Is there any way to add editing to the CHS context menu ? (as far as I understand only clipboard filters can be added).

  • If I copy both text and image at the same time and paste the clip using the system clipboard (not going through KBM), the text and image will be pasted. If I paste via the CHS, only the text is pasted and instead of the image I see [image:EC3A6FC0-8BE5-4A7E-8AFF-59841AFDAD31-45781-000253D42D26ACFE/Attachment.png]. My 1st reflex was to think that it's a limitation of the way KBM handles the clipboard (inability to have text and image in the same clip), but after further testing I discover that if I copy text and then copy the image (separately) and subsequently merge both, I will end up with a CHS clip containing both text and image, which means that my initial problem is not an intrinsic CHS limitation.

thanks in advance for your time and help

I routinely use BBEdit for this purpose. It would not be too hard to create a macro that:

  1. Creates a BBEdit temp window
  2. Pastes the Clipboard into this window
  3. Pauses until some condition (I like to use OPT-Return)
  4. Selects All and Copies to Clipboard
  5. Closes the temp BBEdit window

This would allow you to use the great editing features of BBEdit, including the RegEx Find/Replace.

I can not reproduce this behavior. In both cases, pasting into Evernote resulted in both the text and image being pasted.

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thanks very much
a- BBEdit: an excellent solution
b- strange. Now it works exactly as you say. I will try to retrace my steps ie the apps used.
thanks again

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