Clipboard History Switcher red text

Can someone please tell me why some words are in red in the Clipboard History Switcher?


I’m not sure we can answer that without at least seeing a screenshot... none of the contents in my CHS is red and I don’t see anywhere on the Clipboard History Switcher wiki page that it mentions “red”.

Me neither. Here goes the screenshot.

In case it matters, those are medical terminology.



I suspect that this is because you are copying words from an app that is not as literate as you are and which was marking the words in red when it did not recognise them.

Not that "mediastinal" is only in red when it has been copied as styled text, not plain text.

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About your first point: What do you mean by "literate as you are"?

About your second point: I thought a clipboard is a clipboard. Does KM try to recognize what I copy? If so, why?

Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean.


I was speculating that the words you know and were correctly spelling were perhaps not recognised by the piece of software you had used them in. For instance, a word processor may have coloured the text red to flag the spelling, because it was too specialised to be in its dictionary.

Rather, it's the opposite. The word "mediastinal" appears red in the clipboard history when it is styled text – along with the word processor's red "highlighting" of the word. I observed that that same word also appears in the clipboard history as plain text and that it is not coloured red in that instance. With plain text, there is no text styling and therefore any colour added at source would not be preserved when it is added to the clipboard.

So I am saying that I think it is likely that the red colour stems from the original styled text (probably as the result of automatic spell-checking). Of course, I may have incorrectly guessed the software that you copied the words from, and what it may have been doing, but if I do happen to be on the right lines there, my conclusion is that KM is correctly showing the clipboard contents, and is not responsible for the colouring.

Oh. I understand now! But it's still strange because none of the places I copied from had the text in RED.

To be specific I was working on Mac running Windows 11 via Parallels Desktop and the only two applications I was copying text from were either Chrome or Subtitle Edit (again, both inside virtual Windows 11).

I just tested it again and none resulted in red text.

Unless I copied from somewhere else and I don't remember.

I guess it will remain a mystery : )