CloudClip Manager Auto-Paste

I was looking for a (free) clipboard manager that would sync multiple MacOS devices together with multiple IOS devices. The old one I had been using broke with Ventura. I wound up settling on CloudClip Manager. It does everything I want except for one thing: AutoPaste. So, I fired up KM to see if there was a way to select an item from the dropdown menu in CloudClipManager, and auto-paste it in the frontmost app. After an hour of trying, I didn't see a promising approach. Any thoughts on a possible approach?

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HI @ikenassi, I tried it and here is my suggested solution:


AutoPaste <0CCD 230324T233003>.kmmacros (5,2 KB)

Thanks! This works. But I wonder if it could be modified to use either down-arrow followed by return or alternatively a mouse click on a chosen item?

Never mind. Figured it out. Just add a mouse click in the pause-until.
but why kill all system events?

One more thing: Can the macro be invoked with a mouse click on the CloudClip menubar icon as well as the hot key?

No. Keyboard Maestro has no way to monitor clicks on another app's icon.

Makes perfect sense. Thanks.