Combining all open browser windows?

Hello all! Newbie at Keyboard Maestro (KM); so far, it looks incredible, and I'm excited to dig in more.

I'm currently using a Chrome Extension to merge multiple windows, but I wondered—is this possible with KM? I looked through the documentation and this forum, but so far haven't found a solution.

I'll keep looking, but in the meantime, any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


This could be done in either native KM Actions, or in AppleScript.
But why would you want to? What' wrong with the extension?
The extension is likely to be better and faster than KM.

I have several Chrome extensions that I use for effective window/tab management. They all work very well.

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Hey, that's reasonable; what I want could be overkill, I'm not sure. I was thinking it would be nice to rely KM action instead of another Chrome extension. I will tinker with this, but I expect you're right that the extension is the way.

Thanks for the reply!

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Yep, I get that.
And sometimes you just want to do something "my way" (or "your way" in this case).

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Sorry for the slow reply. Exactly, though! :slight_smile: