command-control-A weirdness

hi, i'm trying to assign command-control-A to a macro as a trigger but it seems to already trigger some weird actions: the screen goes darker and i get a magnifiying glass type widget then a pallete at the bottom of the screen... i couldn't find command-control-A as a trigger in any other km macros nor in the apple system folder keyboard shortcuts. does anyone know what's going on? thanks! -todd

⌘⌃A is the short cut in the KM Editor app to "Insert Action by Name".

However, that should NOT stop you from assign that same keystroke as a trigger.
Immediately after you select "Hot key" as the trigger, the input field will have focus for you to type any keystroke.


thank you for all your help! yeah, i was able to assign the keystroke, but when i use it i get the wierdness, screenshots attached...


Then you have some other app that uses that same hotkey. I have no idea what that is.

you must be right. so weird, i've never seen that before. i'll do some more detective work on it. thank you! -todd

i found it: the mac os FINDER uses command-control-A to make alias! (i think they might have changed that recently because i don't remember it being that trigger, though i've always option dragged for it.) -todd

(and i still don't know what all the weirdness is that was happening in the screenshots i had attached. anyway, i changed my trigger keys)

I'm pretty sure you have some other app/utility that is responding to ⌘⌃A that is causing the behavior you showed in your screenshot.

yeah, it's like a little magnifying glass window or something, anyway, i give up at this point, ty :slight_smile: