Command to Control for MS Remote Desktop

For various reasons I'm running Filemaker on my Mac through Microsoft Remote Desktop. For 20 years I've used Mac modifier keys in Filemaker (Command-L and Command-B) but now that I'm in Remote Desktop I need to press Control-L.

I'm brand new to Keyboard Maestro and though I could just say "when in Remote Desktop if I press Command-L, just treat it like Control-L. I got it to run only in Remote Desktop and got it to "beep" (meaning Keyboard Maestro is trapping the Command-L) but it doesn't pass the Control-L on to Remote Desktop.

Any advice?

Hey Jason,

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Simulating keystrokes is tricky – especially when you're sending them to a Remote Desktop app or other emulation software.

You might do a search on the forum for "remote desktop" and for "parallels" to see if anyone has tackled that already.

What you want to do is create an app-specific macro group for Remote Desktop.

Place your macros for Remote Desktop in that macro group.

You don't want a device-key trigger – you want a normal hotkey trigger.

You can also try using the gear menu in the Type-A-Keystroke action:


I don't think this will make a difference, but you don't know for certain until you test.


Welp it worked once. As it the keystroke passed correctly one time, then I made a couple of other similar ones and now none of them work. :frowning:

Thanks anyway.

Hey Jason,

I intended for the gear menu to send the keystroke to MS Remote Desktop rather than the Front Application.

(Now fixed in Post #2 above.)

Did you try that?


I did. I went back and forth. The one time it worked it was set to send the keystroke to MS Remote Desktop. But then when I added more keys they didn't work and then I went back to the original one and it didn't work again. I switched back and forth between "front" and "ms remote" and couldn't get it to work again.