Comment action : color automatically changes with text content with content of search box


addendum I thought this was a bug, but it is not. I am leaving the post in case someone makes the same misinterpretation

This is an extremely minor issue, perhaps of some use to @peternlewis if it is an indication of a larger issue .
I usually color my comment action boxes orange and have never had problems in the past. Today, as I was writing in the comment box, the box turned blue despite the fact that the assigned color remains orange (see below). If I delete the comment, it reverts to orange. It's as if a word or combination of words in the comment box triggers the color change.

Hi @ronald,

Try deleting the search terms from the top right corner of the KM editor.

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you are a genius ! thanks very much

how do I delete a stupid post ? I do not want to insult Peter by suggesting it could be a bug.

Heh. I don't think he would be offended by that (I don't think you're even the first to report this search highlighting feature as a possible bug) but if you're really concerned, you could always flag your post for mod attention, or just edit the original post.


thank you

Nope, you're not the first to be confused by it, and no doubt wont be the last.

I added the blue to the Color selection (disabled, since you can't choose to color your actions blue), but it seems even that is not enough hint as to what is going on.

I'm not sure what else to do to make this clearer.

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The blue color is an excellent idea.

Had I seen the search word in question highlighted in the comment as per snapshot below, I think that I would have understood.

That being said, you have a lot of fish to fry, and it is a very minor issue


I'm still embarrassed by the time that I was confused by this and made a similar post on the forums.

Maybe it's just a rite of passage for Keyboard Maestro users.

I don't know what else Peter could do to make it clearer, it just hadn't sunk in or I hadn't noticed it before someone pointed it out to me.


thank you for your comment

I bought the MacSparky course you recommended, now 60% completed.
It is absolutely outstanding. Even after working for more than 2 years with KBM, I am learning a lot. My understanding of KBM has improved by leaps and bounds.
I mention this because if you notice that a novice is asking many simple questions and appears to be trying to find his way around KBM (like I did for a long time, and still do), you could perhaps recommend he take the course.
My first year would have been much less tedious had I taken the course from the beginning.
In the first minute of the course, he recommends reassigning the CAPS key to โ‡งโŒƒโŒฅ โŒ˜ with the Karabiner app, to use it to systematize KBM shortcuts. That in itself in worth the cost of the course.
The lessons are extremely well structured. No waste of time. He must have taken a lot of time to prepare them.

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I think that would be a great enhancement, not just to indicate that a Search is running, but also to help quickly find the text of the search.

I guess I would classify this as a "medium to low" priority to be done on a time available basis -- certainly not needed for Ver 9.

One point to make to ALL KM users is that the Action color is not just blue, but it is a striped blue, with the stripes on the diagonal, completely unlike the normal coloring of Actions.


The only think I can think of to make it more obvious is to increase the contrast between the stripes, something like this:


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thank you for the tip about the color. The white strips are a very elegant suggestion