CompileAppleScript string failed

A friend asked for a macro to open Amazon and reload their balance continuously by 50 cents.

Reload Amazon Balance +$0.50 (repeat)(debug-no charge).kmmacros (16.1 KB)

It works in my environment (KM 10.0.2 / Mac OS 10.15.3)
BUT throws an error in theirs (KM 10.0.2 / Mac OS 12.3).


2022-03-23 17:15:33 Execute macro “Reload Amazon Balance +$0.50 (repeat)” from trigger Editor
2022-03-23 17:15:33 Launch Task /Applications/Keyboard
Maestro string failed

One of the first things the macro does is open a new Chrome window and wait for Chrome to finish loading, so the issue has to do with those 2 actions.

It actually threw 2 errors at first. First the one above and then this one:

2022-03-23 12:17:14 DoJavaScript failed Google Chrome got an error: Executing JavaScript
through AppleScript is turned off. To turn it on, from the menu bar, go to View > Developer >
Allow JavaScript from Apple Events. For more information: Google Chrome Help?
Last message repeated 1118 times

As was suggested in the error, it went away after turning on 'Allow JavaScript from Apple Events'.

However, the 'CompileAppleScript string failed' error still remains.

Any ideas what's going here?

NOTE: I disabled the action that actually charges you for the purposes of troubleshooting this. It will do everything except hit the "Place your order" button. Then the window closes and it starts again

Update: I tried the macro on my own computer running 12.3 and only got the 'Allow JavaScript from Apple Events' message. Switching this on allowed the macro to run to completion.

Could this be an M1 issue?

Are there any other user settings or typical culprits that would cause macros to run or throw errors on other machines?