Condition: Clipboard has NEW image?

I would like a trigger condition when clipboard receives a new screen capture.
Is it possible ? At the moment, we can only set the “Clipboard has image” condition. If an image is already in the clipboard, the macro won’t wait. You see what I mean ?

So far, I use a pause for 1 second after the Cmd Ctrl Shift 4 macOS shortcut.

Thank you.

Probably the answer is there [CB] How to Detect When Clipboard Has Changed [Example] but it is far to be user friendly… :slight_smile:

Just use a “The system clipboard changes” trigger:

To exclude non-image clipboard changes you can add a “Clipboard has image” condition:

_[test] Clipboard Has Changed and Has Image.kmmacros (4.4 KB)

Thank you. I will try this.