Conditions for typing words when using single press letters to trigger macro's

I use Keyboard Maestro with Lightroom quit a lot.
As typing words is secondary I use normal letters to trigger macro's.

All my single letter macro's have button conditions for when i do need to type words in a open save dialogue for example.
This is probably not the most efficient way of doing it but it works fine.

There are a few situations where i need to type where this approach gets in the way and i'm wondering if there are ways to deal with this.

In this situations i can't find a way to set conditions to ignore my single letter macro's.

  1. typing letters when a top menu item is highlighted to quickly jump to a menu item.
  2. When typing words in HELP->Search
  3. When Alfred is triggered and Lightroom is still the front application.

Are there any ways to deal with these ?

Thank you in advance!

Put your macros in a macro group, and then use the Activate/Deactivate Macro Group action to toggle its activation status off, type your stuff, and then toggle the macro group back on again.