Conflict Palette with Non-Conflicting HotKeys?

I have one macro triggered with F13, and another triggered by ShiftF13. I use both to insert a single accented character, respectively, i.e. I am expanding my keyboard essentially to ease foreign language composition. They both live in the global macro group, as I insert such characters practically everywhere.

When I trigger the respective macro I get a conflict palette. Not my intent to be sure. ShiftF13 is not the same as F13 is it?

Where am I going wrong?

With or without "shift" obviously makes a difference and should not cause a conflict. Are you sure you don't have two macros with the same trigger? Either two with "shift" or two only with F13?

Thanks much Frankb for your reply. I attached a screenshot of the two macro triggers.

To be more precise, the conflict palette appears only in the ShiftF13 case.

And here is how it looks while invoking them in a text editor:

Ah! Call off the cavalry. I saw that I had a conflicting macro that was elsewhere defined.

I do thank you for taking a look! The issue is resolved.

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