Confused by named clipboards which contain only one clip

I created and have been using a named clipboard which I have been using as a container of multiple sections of text, images, URLs etc for a project.

When I read the def of named clipboard in kbm wiki

Named Clipboards — Copy of System Clipboard, or other Named Clipboard, created by user for future use

Much to my surprise and dismay, when I later displayed the named clipboard with a macro action or when I look at it via KBM pref, it contains only one clip which is replaced as new clips are added.

I thought that a named clipboard was a repertory of all clips copied to it, which is common practise in clipboard manager apps like copied, etc

question: is there any way that I can create a “named clipboard” pertaining to a specific subject (hence named) (something else then the system clipboard) which can contain and retain multiple clips with no auto deletion ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

Simple answer: No.

As the documentation says, a Named Clipboard is just like the normal System Clipboard, only saved and given a name. The System Clipboard only stores the latest copy.

If you want to save a series of different clipboards, you will have to use a naming convention, like "Ronald Clip 1", "Ronald Clip 2", etc.

KM has that: It is the Clipboard History Switcher , which can be toggled between show the normal clipboards, and named clipboards.