Connect to a VPN via Tunneblick and set DNS address

This is quite specific, but might help someone out ... I use Tunnelblick to connect to my home router (running pfSense), which has OpenVPN set up.

I wanted to make it easier to connect and disconnect—Tunnelblick is a menu bar app, and it requires some clicks and mouse movement to interact with. But I also had a perhaps unique problem: My DNS address doesn't change (as it's set to do in OpenVPN and Tunnelblick) when I connect. So my macro also manages the DNS address, changing it based on the state of the VPN connection.

I now access my VPN with a simple four-option pop-up from Keyboard Maestro:


VPN Connection (2.4 KB)

If you want to use the macro, it will require some customization. Details on those changes, as well as how things work, can be found in my blog:


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