Control-Click on Action to Get Help

I'd like to Control-click on an Action in the Actions column and have a contextual menu appear which, at the very least, includes Help so I can read the KB Wiki Help page for the action. Otherwise, I have to drag the Action into a macro and then do Gear, Help. This would make it easier to learn what the actions do.

Option + Dbl-Click will do this.
The cursor changes to ? when you press and hold the Option key.


Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but that doesn't work for me.

This is what I get when I press the key while hovering over the Actions List:
KM 02021-06-12_15-13-02

Then double-clicking - as @harshar said - opens the KM wiki page in your browser.

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Thanks @tiffle. (I was trying to take the screenshot as well)

Also, the Option key works in the Edit -> Insert Action


Sorry, I misunderstood the OP. Yes, that works for me as well.

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@harshar Thank you -- Option, Dbl-Click does exactly what I want. (The Actions list still begs to have a contextual menu via Control-click.)

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It's been asked for before...

@peternlewis ?


Option means either Help or Edit all through Keyboard Maestro.

You can option click/double click palette entries, status menu entries, actions, etc. And you can option-select triggers, actions, functions, tokens, etc.

Having a contextual menu just for Help seems excessive.