Control+F7 toggle no longer working through Kbd Maestro? (OS Monterey)


For many years, I have used
"Type the ^F7 keystroke" (control + F7) in my macros in order to toggle on/off the Mac feature of "Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls" -- basically to alter what the tab key does on the Mac. Sometimes I want the tab key to tab between various boxes, and sometimes I do not, so I add this simple keystroke into my macros when needed.
However, after upgrading to OS Monterey yesterday, Keyboard Maestro can no longer toggle this feature on/off for me.
I can still physically type control+F7 myself to make the feature switch on/off, which can be confirmed by just watching the check box in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts check on and off as I do it. But, if I ask Keyboard Maestro to type control+F7 for me, it does nothing.
Again, this worked for years in each OS I had before Monterey. Perhaps there is an extra security feature I need to check into in order to allow this type of access?
Or perhaps there is another route, such as an Apple Script I can use instead of a keystroke?

Thank you - would love and appreciate any help.