Controlling Mac Cursor Size

Hi Folks ... I constantly "lose" my cursor when moving from monitor to monitor, or some times from one app to another. It's driving me crazy.
I sure could use some help to create a sort of "toggle on / off" KM macro.
I'm very new to Keyboard Maestro, and enjoying it very much.
I do not have any (not sure of the right words here) scripting or coding or under the hood Mac experience.
Thanks for your help.

sys prefs : accessibility : mouse and DISPLAY gives some options e.g. increase cursor size

and with KM call this action with a hotkey combo of your choice

Highlight Oval at MOUSEX(),MOUSEY(),100,100

finally for fun try

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Two built-in options that may be sufficient:

  1. Enable System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Shake Mouse Pointer To Locate. Once enabled, quickly moving the mouse back and forth makes the cursor much bigger. Here's a short video showing the capability in action, which is displayed early in the video.
  1. In that same section of System Preferences there's a slider to adjust the standard cursor size. Moving the slider will immediately show the new cursor size.
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Thank you....I haven't yet worked with calling actions... not yet. Still a beginner, but not afraid to invest in learning something new.
Thanks again... I'll let you know how it goes.

I never knew this capability was even available..... I guess you cant know everything. I will be using this manually until I can use KM to automate.
Thank you for steering me to this.

Hi @ChilliDog32, I can only provide you with an Applescript with a KM macro action. But I only have one monitor.

Since I use a german macOS, please deactivate this in the macro and activate the "english version" (here red).

You can also change the size of the cursor and the display time within the Applescript.

Size 1 to 4 .kmmacros (3,5 KB)

Size 1 to 4 <66D8 201111T193209>

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Applelaner....Thank you very much for the Macro....this is exactly what I have been looking for. I was able to use it immediately.

It's amazing how the Replies by Jonathonl and NaOH sort of prepared me for your Reply with the Macro and instructions.

A big Thanks to everyone.