Convert from 3-letter weekday name to full weekday name (Mon > Monday)

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out a macro that will prompt the user to input a weekday name. However, the user might input the weekday name as 3 letters (Mon, Tue, etc.) and the macro needs to:

  1. Recognize this condition
  2. Convert the 3-letter weekday name to the full weekday name (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) before continuing with the rest of the macro

This seems best suited to a sub-macro that will check the input before passing the result back to the parent macro.

Is there a way to perform this arithmetic?

I'm sure there are at least a dozen completely different ways to solve your question. The reason I have chosen my method is that it avoids human typos, avoids string conversion, and avoids doing math.


Although you can't see it in this photo, there's an arrowhead to the right of the word "Sat" and you should click it and pick "Menu" otherwise this won't work.