Convert System Clipboard to number to make a calculation later

I have a number copied from somewhere in my System Clipboard. I need to get this number, add 1 to it and then use the result further down the Macro.

I'm struggling with KM, because it sets the variable to the number in the System Clipboard, but it doesn't add 1 to it in the next action. I believe its a text/integer problem. Can you help me?

Have you tried to run the macro?
Because the preview of the results in the editor in italics will only update when num is set to something

Awesome. It works. I wouldn't even run because the preview didn't simulate it.
Thanks a lot!

Yes. The preview simulates the current action. But if action 1 never had been run, then num does not exist. And then action 2 can not simulate it.

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I miss a Try button on that first action, so it runs without the need to debug the whole Macro.

Marked as solved.

You think you can right-click an action or access a try in the gear menu for the action.
There is also a try option for the entire macro in the top. Looks like a play button.
Sometimes I group actions, so I can right-click the group and just try this part of the macro.

Some actions don't have the Try button.

I hadn't thought about grouping them and disabling the rest. Thanks for the tip.


For that action, “Move” is equivalent to “Try”, except without the click, since generally you want to see where the click will happen rather than actually trying the click which often wont work anyway when you are in Keyboard Maestro.