Copy mp3 File Duration in Seconds to the Clipboard

Hey Kevin,

I tested – no problems.

Restart the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

If still encountering problems reboot.

If still encountering problems make a full bug report.


Thanks, Chris.

I'm still not getting it to work. It fails with "Task failed with status 1...while executing Execute Shell Script." It doesn't even get to the calculation. I'm selecting WAV files in Finder and running this macro from a panel.

WAV Append Length to Filename.kmmacros (4.9 KB)

I think this

Needs to be "$KMVAR_Path"

Kevin is correct.

Burn this one into your brain.

It's a command mistake – all too easy to make – and difficult to see when debugging.


Ah! Yup. Thank you. It works perfectly now.