Copy, Paste, and Batch-Delete Triggers

Well, in this case, I'd think you would want to use that action because it provides what it sounds like you're looking for: conflict palette style first-letter macro triggers without the conflict palette, as well as more options over which macros are shown in the palette beyond those in individual macro groups. But by all means, try it out and see what works for you; that's often the best way to learn.

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Your have been very patient.

  • your Show Palette of actions works very well. Yes it does assign the first letter of macro names as triggers, so I have what I want.
  • I remain perplexed (now an academic issue) by the fact that if I take the direct route and show the same macro group as per below, the first letter of macro names cannot be used as triggers
    So I was 99% wrong, but there remains something strange, which led to our misunderstanding.