Copy paste assistance

I am trying top copy a field from a Sharpeoint form to the filter field in Dataverse (seperate Chrome windows)
Ive created a move and click, then copy then move and click then paste but problem is nothing happens on the first execute (stream deck button push) but when I press it again, the value appears in the filter column twice.
Any ideas what might be going wrong?
Thanks in advance

It's very hard to know from that description.

The general answer to “nothing happens” is to use the Interactive Help from the Help menu, select Something expected is not happening and then go from there.

Thanks for your response @peternlewis,

Nothing happens meaning field is blank, copied value hasn't been pasted.

Interactive says everything is fine.

Seems maybe I have to click on field somehow to make it active to accept the paste function

From this

to this (by clicking twice)