Copy/Paste URL, Open Link in FireFox

I mostly use Google Chrome for web browsing, but every once in a while I'll need to open a link in FireFox (or even rarer, Safari).

How would one efficiently add a macro to:

  • Jump to the address bar in Google Chrome (Cmd + L)
  • Copy URL in Google Chrome (Cmd + C)
  • Activate FIreFox (or SafarI)
  • Open New Tab (Cmd + T)
  • Paste (Cmd + V)
  • Search (Return)

I haven't been able to get it to work when Firefox (or Safari) is not already open in the background. If it is open, the macro appears to work...

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You may need to add Pause action between each action because the UI may not able to keep up with KM execution speed. Something like the following. Usually 0.2s may be enough, but use what works for you.


Boom! Thank you.