Copying from a document and paste to another document

I want to Copy text from document and paste to another document in another program.

Or copy script in one application and then apply a set of keystrokes to that text.

I think this involves apple script. The thought of learning scripting is overwhelming. I just bought KeyboardMaestro. Would this be the same as copying from Safari?

I see the place to enter script and the building of non-script part of the macro seem somewhat clear.


Hey Ellenm,

You need to provide a more comprehensive description of what you want to do.

Copy from any app to any app?

Copy from Microsoft Word to TextWrangler?

What exactly?

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Sorry, I know nothing about programming.

I want to select a text that I need to look up on an internet dictionary. There will be a field (box) where I will want to paste that text then press return to look for it in the dictionary. I am copying from rft text, a word document or I am reading something on the internet and want to look up a word. I guess each of those contexts would require a different set of commands. I am trying to get the basic idea since I am having a hard time understanding instructions. If I could do any one of those, I suppose I could begin thinking of how to apply it to different types of documents.

One thing that has be confused it how do you use a Keystroke without creaing confusion with already existing keystroke commands? I have loaded Alfred and Keycue. But again, I am having a hard time getting the general idea. I have a preconception that somehow my keystokes should be vaguely organized so I don’t create a confusing mess.


Hey Ellenm,

What Internet dictionary?

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An Internet dictionary is allows you to enter a word that it looks up in its data base. It provides a field where you type in the word that you are looking up. I am copying from rft text, a word document or I am reading something on the internet in a foreign langage and want to look up the meaning of that word automatically. So, I copy the word to my clip board.
Want Keyboard Maestro to go to the website that may or may not be already open. Paste in the word. And start the look up function by pressing return.

Hey Ellenm,

What dictionary? What’s the url?


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Hi Ellen,

Pardon me for butting in. I’m getting the sense that you might not know what a URL is. Chris is being very generous in his efforts to give you exactly what you are asking for and I’ve seen many folks stumble thru not speaking to the level of detail and/or understanding of the listener. Just in case this is one of those times please keep telling Chris when he uses a term or idea that you do not understand. Over time you will learn everything you need to get all the results you seek. Enjoy learning KM it’s an excellent and deep tool.

BTW, a perhaps easier phrasing is what is the name of the online dictionary you use to look up the words you want to define.

A quick way to do this without KM is to click twice rapidly with your cursor over the word you want defined. This will select the entire word. Then either press the command key and the letter C to copy the word OR select copy from the Edit menu at the top of the screen. Then go to the online dictionary, click to insert your cursor in the field to paste the text, then either press the command key and the letter V OR select paste from the Edit menu to get your copied word into the field. Many fields like that accept pressing the enter or return key to then begin the search.

Please don’t stop learning KM when you find keyboard shortcuts but rather integrate the shortcuts into KM so you end up just hovering the cursor over the word you want defined and press a KM “trigger” and KM then does all the copy, pasting, app switching for you. That’s when it gets to be really fun!