Correctly populating a Save As window

An app I am controlling has a button which you click to open a Save window. You get the choice of Save As, Tags, Cancel Save and the file to choose. The usual affair.

When I open this window, I want to save to a particular folder with a particular filename. The way I am trying to do this is by using Shift+Command+G, auto typing in the path, click Go. Then, type in the filename and click Save. But I am getting inconsistent results. I have put a pause of 1.5 seconds between each action but it still is inconsistent.

Is this the wrong way to save the file to a particular location? Is there a better way?



Hey Jon,

Don’t use timed pauses.

Use a Pause Until action.

Each dialog has unique buttons, so use a button is enabled condition.

Use one for the dialog and one for the Go-To sheet.

That typically will iron out inconsistencies in this sort of task.


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Oh, and if you paste your path string it will be much faster than typing it.


Yes, worked thank you.