Corrupt Macro?


I've used a macro for 1,5 years. This morning when I started the machine, it decided to not work for no apparent reason. The only difference might be that it synced some other macros from my other machine that is an M1 (this one is Intel). I haven't tested it on my M1 machine yet. Tried restarting all software and rebooting the machine, no issues. All other macros work.

I re-created the exact same macro chain within the macro. Then it works. I re-enabled the old macro-chain (that is identical): it doesn't work.

The symptom is that the macro chain refuses to switch window, no matter which title it has. Even removing all other things, inside this faulty macro chain, it refuses to switch window.

System: macOS Monterey 12.6.2
iMac Pro (Intel).

I need to figure out why this happened, it's one of my most used macros, and it just costed me 30 minutes of debugging. I've attached the macro to this post. The one that is enabled works. The one that it disabled doesn't.

Faulty Macro.kmmacros (8.2 KB)

Send me (contact) both your macros and I'll see what is different.

Syncing will not corrupt a macro - syncing syncs the entire file.

A quick look at your macro, other than the disabled first action, the concern would be the change of window followed by the typing of a keystroke with no pause between them. That could be fragile.

I also compared the two sets of If actions and they differ in 3 places. I don't know if that's significant, but you might want to consider that. Here's the differences:



Number 2 is indeed significant, since "Nuendo Project" is part of the window name, the second part of the name is project specific.

Thank you, that is the cause then. The strange thing is that I haven't changed this macro for 1,5 years, I don't understand why it would suddenly change into this. Are there any keyboard shortcuts within KM that I could accidently have hit that would alter this?

Not that I'm aware of.