Count selected objects in Finder

Unless the last line in a handler is something like a log request, which has a side-effect, but no value.

( The value of the mostly recently evaluated expression is bound to the built-in name result, and in the absence of an explicit return, the function/handler returns the current value of result, if any … )

on test()
    2 + 2
    log result
end test

on run
    {test(), 2 + 2}
end run

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Hey @trych,

As @ComplexPoint says, there are instances where nothing will be returned.

But — as a rule-of-the-thumb you should always be aware of the possibility of a returned value and test for it.

set x to "some text"
return result

The “result” variable will tell you what that is.

Another rule-of-the-thumb is to always test AppleScripts using the Script or preferably Script Debugger if you have it.

If you use the Script Editor then it’s a good idea to open the Event Log window before you run your script. You get a better sense of what the code is doing when you do this.

(Script Debugger has even better tools for data visualization.)

Otherwise AppleScript is just a magical black-box run from Keyboard Maestro.