Create a command | (bar) key stroke

I am trying to create a macro for Voodoo pad to format a header on a new page.
One of the keystrokes I need is Command | which is command Shift \ on the mac keyboard.
When I press command Shift and the key it types Command \ it appears that shifted keys dont translate.

I am sure I am missing something. Been searching for an hour or so and havent found what the answer is. Thanks for the help.

why do you need to type CMD-L different from the keyboard command you need?

care to share screenshot of macro and upload macro as well

Its not Cmd L it is Cmd Shift \ which is the (| bar) think the "and" operator in C++

I really couldn't get shifted keys to populate in the "type a key"

ah, got it.
Can you post a screenshot of the macro

Are you saying you can't get this to work?