Create a Trigger for the First System Wakeup of the Day?

There's no need for pauses. The macro is only opening Gmail because the "Set Chrome URL" action changes the front Chrome tab. What you want is the "New Chrome Tab" action repeated three times, each with its own URL:


(It says Brave Browser in my screenshot because I've set KM to use Brave instead of Chrome, but the principle is the same regardless of which browser you use)

I see the Gmail URL as third, not second, in your screenshot above.

Sorry number 2 was Google Calendar. but my point was that only Gmail opens and I'm not sure why?If only one was going to open shouldn't it be WSJ?

They all opened. Each one replaced the last because you didn't open a new tab.


Got it! I just changed it. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow at 6:05 AM. Thank you!