Create alias from file on clipboard OR file path

I would like to have a shortcut that would let me create an alias from a file on the clipboard. So if I copy fileA in folder A and then navigate to folder B and decide that instead of copying/moving the file itself I just want to create an alias, instead of going back to folder A, I would like to have that shortcut that would allow me to create the alias from the file on the clipboard. Is this possible?

If not from a file, maybe using its path?

I'm not sure if this is possible, I can't see any way to get the full path out of the clipboard after copying a file.

Maybe there is a way (the Finder does it, so it must be stored in there somewhere), but I can't see one.

After that you could create an alias at the FinderInsertionLocation, probably using AppleScript since Keyboard Maestro has no native way to create an alias. Or shell script if a symbolic link would do.

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Thanks I will keep looking around and see if I can find something related to this using AS or a Shell Script