Create bunch of macros with a macro?

Hello guys! I have started making macros for default Logic Pro X keyboard shortcuts in KM so that I can combine them or call them with Alfred. I found this website with all the Logic shortcuts. How can I automate the process so that it creates a new macro in KM for each shortcut on that list and renames the macro with text in the second column and then creates a keystroke action with the info in the first column? Renaming is fairly easy but I can't imagine how I can transform those symbols to keystroke actions with a macro.

Since the KM Type a Keystroke action does NOT accept any input other than directly typing into the Keystroke field, I don't see any way to automate this, without taking more effort than to just create the macros manually.

If you had a large number (~100) of these to process, it might be worthwhile.

I'd suggest that you create one Macro that has everything you want, but use a placeholder for the keystroke and Macro Name. Then just Dup that macro however many times you need to, and make the needed changes.

Having said all that, here is an example of a Macro that creates other Macros:

MACRO: Create Text Expansions Macro