Create Unique File: Variable Selection Dropdown Symbol Shows Only Partially

Hi @peternlewis,

I have two questions about the Create Unique File [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] action.

  1. Do I have to specify a variable name to the action? In my current usage, I don't need to save the path to the variable. (It doesn't hurt to put a variable name there, but I thought it doesn't hurt to ask either.)

  2. The variable selection dropdown symbol shows only partially, as shown below.

You mean the "to" variable?

Try it and see – the action will fail without a variable.

If you don't need a variable then give it a local variable name and forget about it.

I can confirm this cosmetic issue.

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Yes or the action will fail. I'll change that so if it is empty, then the action wont fail.

Fixed for the next version.