Creating a hotkey for a annotate function in rewdcube papers when no menu item

I am new to KM. I want to toggle the annotate function in the bibliographic software papers using a hotkey. The control for this appears in a tabbed pdf reading window but not a menu item so I can't use select menu item. I have uploaded a screen shot of the layout. Please can anyone tell me the best way to achieve this.

I don't know if I can tell you the best way, but I can tell you a way. You can use a KM action called "Move or Click Mouse" which clicks on a specific location in the window. But that may depend if the icon you are trying to click on is always in the same location at the top of the window. There's no way for me to know if it stays in the same position or moves about. Can you find out?

You would need to manually count how many pixels from the upper right corner that icon appears (there are various ways to do that.) I can't do that for you. Once you do that, we can show you how to get the location of the upper right corner of the window. We will add those numbers together in a formula to tell the mouse where to click.

I presume your app is always in a window and not full screen. You didn't mention that detail.

Hey Nick,

Look at Click on Found Image.


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