Creating a macro with fill-ins

Hi All,
Newbie here! I’m commenting on a stack of papers using MS Word. Ideally, I’d create a macro where I can rename each file so that it just has the person’s last name without all the numbers that download with the name, then open the new file in MS Word and toggle on track changes so I can start commenting. I’m not sure 1) how to do this at all, and 2) if I should approach it by renaming the whole batch and then working with each renamed one or do the renaming individually and build the toggle to track changes on to renaming macro. I hope I’m manage to explain myself clearly enough for someone to point me in the right direction.

It is easy to rename files using KM.
Please provide a real-world example of the source file names, and what you would like as a result.

After the files are renamed, what do you want KM to do?

Thanks for responding @JMichaelTX. In terms of real-world example of the source file name, here’s one from the list: Ron Jones_479701_assignsubmission_file_Motives for Change.docx

I’d like to rename it so that it says Jones assignment cjk comments.docx
After that, it would open in MS Word, toggle on track changes, I’d comment, then I’d run a different macro to save it, attach it to an email message, trigger a text expander snippet I’ve already set up that fills in the subject line and text body, then I fill in his address (unless there’s a way for KM to find the address based on the original name, which I think might not be possible if I’ve reduced it to the last name, especially one like Jones!) then I’d schedule to send it at a later time using a plugin (because I want all the messages to go out to recipients at the same time).

I know it’s a complicated scenario for a newbie, but I guess it’s harder to get my head around using smart KM to do something easy - otherwise I’d just do the easy thing the way I always have, if that makes sense. :slight_smile:
Thanks so much, really!

2Hi Again @JMichaelTX - I’m so excited! I figured out how to create a macro for much of the second part of my query above, but a still have couple of questions.

  1. How do I create a space for me to enter a new name each time? I think it’s called a wild-card or place-holder or something like that. So in part 1 of my scenario, what action gives me a way to enter a name and then once I do have the macro continue on to the next step?
  2. How do I build in time to allow me to fill in the text-expander snippet before sending it to wait in my outbox?
  3. What’s the most efficient way to capture my KM workflow to share it if I have questions about what needs to happen when? (Maybe there’s even a KM macro for that?!)
  4. how do I save my precious macro for posterity? :slight_smile:

My big discovery that’s still a mystery is: when in doubt, add a pause. It would be helpful to have this stated more explicitly, along with any other similar bits of wisdom that might be super obvious once you’ve done this for awhile but that a Newbie wouldn’t think to do.

Thanks much - I’m thrilled beyond belief that I’ve gotten at least some of it to work.