Creating an automated slideshow with date and time triggers?

Hey awesome KM forum,

I could use some help with a Keyboard Maestro macro that I need to build. Here is the scenario:

We have a Mac Mini that we are going to mount to a wall behind a 27’’ monitor that is basically a passive announcements billboard. I would like to set it up so that it is completely automated, and you had mentioned that the date and time triggers in Keyboard Maestro can do that.

Here is what I want it to do:

  1. Each week at the same time the computer wakes up
  2. It looks at a Dropbox folder that contains large 1920x1080 jpegs
  3. No matter how many images are in that folder (there won’t ever be anything else) it launches some kind of slideshow mode (Preview?) and loops through the images repeatedly
  4. Then, at a time that I set, it cancels out of slideshow mode and goes to sleep until the next week when it does that again.

Would anyone be able to help me set that macro up? Not sure the best approach. Thanks so much.

You can set wake times in the Energy Saver I believe. Keyboard Maestro cannot wake the Mac up (or do anything while it is sleeping).

Then you can have a Time Trigger that happens shortly after the Mac awakes that performs the tasks.

Is this the local Dropbox folder on the Mac? If so, accessing a local folder is easy.

"some kind of slideshow" is too vague to automate. You will need to figure out what exactly you want to do. There are a number of options. Preview does have a slide show option, so if that works, that would probably be fine. You can do something like this:

However Preview's Slideshow does not appear to loop back, so after it runs out of images it stops. You could have Keyboard Maestro restart it, but it's hard to know when that would happen. Or you could use a different tool for showing a slideshow.

That is easy enough, you can use a Time Trigger and a Sleep action. The Mac should be set not to sleep for long enough for the slide show to continue its actions.


Thank you for this reply! I had totally forgotten that I had posted this question and haven't been back for months so I missed your reply. Thanks for taking the time to help me, it WORKS!!

Much appreciated.


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You missed the reply for almost 12 months :wink:

There are great ToDo apps (aka Task Manager) on the market. My preferred one is Things. In these apps you can quickly enter a new ToDo like [“Check for replies on my KM forum question XYZ”] [every 2 weeks] [link: Creating an automated slideshow with date and time triggers?] [notification: yes]

But you can also build a KM macro for that:


Of course, if you are really planning to use KM as a ToDo manager (why not?) you can greatly improve this very basic macro, so that it lets you input the dates, intervals and the content much more conveniently.

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Thanks @Tom!

Now that Keyboard Maesteo uses Discourse for the forums, I now have it next to my other Discourse communities. No more year-long delays!