Creating HTML file that contains links to all the other files

I have built a Macro, which creates a HTML file with links to selected HTML files. The problem is that links don't function. To make them function I need to open a text editor and manually delete and add quotes. After changing colour from green to red (in TextWranger) they start to function.

updated macro:
TOC.kmmacros (8.8 KB)

I found the solution. There are different types of quotes. The quotes from KM ” must be replaced with these quotes ". So I have to copy them from TextWrangler and paste in KM. I don’t understand why there different types of quotes.

Yes, there are several types of quote marks. HTML requires plain quotes.

KM, itself, does NOT have any particular type of quote that it uses.
However, the macOS may be changing the plain quote you type into "smart quotes".

From the Mac System Preferences:

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  • There are so-called typographic quotation marks: These are the quotes you are using/seeing in most formatted text. Opening and closing marks are different, and these quotes are language-specific. For example in English “word”, German „word“ or »word«, French « word », etc.
    Similar in its single form: ‘word’, ‚word‘ or ›word‹, ‹ word ›, etc.

  • Then you have the so-called typewriter quotation marks, also called straight quotes: These are the quotes you have to use in any kind of code. Opening and closing marks are the same, and they are not language-specific: "word" and in its single form 'word'.