CurrentWindowTitle is not identified if the window is in citrix viewer via citrix receiver

I have a macro that is designed to prevent EPIC (app I access via citrix receiver) from timing out - which it does in 15 minutes of no activity. It is designed to bring EPIC window upfront, mouse click in the right lower corner of the window and either leave EPIC as a front window if it is currently front window (I work in it) or go back to the app I was working with before the mouse click was performed (see attached macro)

Everything works fine, however KM is unable to identify the name of the window in Citrix - you can see that on the images attached - if KM is the front app (or any other non-citrix app I tried) it recognizes the front window fine. If Citrix viewer - in this case EPIC app is a front window, KM fails to recognize it.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to fix it? i.e. make KM recognize window in citrix
  2. Is there a more elegant way to achieve the same overall goal?

Thanks!Keep Epic (Citrix Viewer) from Timing out.kmmacros (4.2 KB)

Unfortunately, apps like Citrix do not always follow the appropriate behaviour for the Mac, so if the window is not visible to the accessibility API, then Keyboard Maestro will not be able to see it - similarly for the window title.