Custom HTML Result Button value when prompt is closed


How do I set the HTML Result Button “default” for closing the prompt using the close box or by hitting “ESC” from the form?

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The Result Button is cleared at the start of the Prompt For User Input action, and then set if any button is pressed, so it will be empty if you close it some other way.

Note that pressing “Escape” is the same as pressing Cancel, at least by default.


It looks like the HTML Result Button variable is NOT cleared when the action is run. If I explicitly clear it beforehand, it works as I'd expect. I'm calling this a bug since it's an inconsistency between the two prompt actions.

Here's an example macro of the bug:

HTML prompt demo.kmmacros (5.3 KB)


Yes, this is a known bug and will likely be fixed for 7.0.4.