I have not been able to find (easily) a macro/action to type todays date, as 2020.4.11

thanks for your help! love this app!

Learn more about Dates and Times here.


There's Date From Typed String Macro, too, which provides shortcuts for typing today's date in a variety of formats.

I have two formats, one without special characters that I append to checkpoints to make them unique

Humans. 12/04/2020 19:36:35
Filenames 20200412 193644

Edited: what i meant was i use zxdf which expands as
Insert Text by Typing %ICUDateTime%yyyyMMdd HHmmss%

Those are actually Date & Time formats, not just Dates. But you can adapt my Date From Typed String macro to include Times as well just using the Date/Time Format Syntax.

thank you everybody; glad there is this forum! Never would have figured out something this complicated by myself!\