Dealing with System UI Animation Lag

I find myself often inserting Pause: .5 seconds actions into my macros to account for how KM tends to get ahead of the UI.

For instance, saving a new file triggers the “unfurling” animation from the top of the window so you can enter the file name, choose a location, etc. I need to account for .5 or .6 seconds or the Return that was meant to save the file will trigger before it’s able to actually work.

This works for me, but I’m wondering how others account for UI lag other than dropping Pause actions all over their macros.

I often use the Pause Until action (KM Wiki).
One good choice is until FrontWindow Title is xxx, or is NOT xxx, or it changes.

When that won't work in a Macro where I need to pause for the user to do something, I use Pause Until keystroke, usually OPT-RETURN. Here's a snippet from one of my Macros:

From the Gear menu, you can set:


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Immediately after posting this, I realized that I should explore the Pause Until acton and came up with something similar. I ended up making a couple of what I hope will be general use Pause Until macros to reuse.

I'm definitely going to play around with this concept of building in a place for user input. If I need a human action to take place, I usually end up making two macros.

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