Default Folders X menu tree navigable on launch

I'm hoping somebody with way more chops that I have can tell me how to use KM to open Default Folder X and NOT have to reach for the mouse but be able to R arrow over into the menu-cascade or have the cursor already there. It would save a wee bit of effort, and besides, it is urking me to not be able to figure this out on my own. Any help appeciated.

Hey @fred1st,

You shouldn't have to use Keyboard Maestro for that.



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Those shortcuts from DFX preferences work only within the solid-bar areas ("file dialogue actions" and "finder components" while what I'm looking for would universally open DFX with the mouse having activated the first folder and ready from the keyboard to drill down into the other folder and subfolders.

I had recommended from an authority on the subject the following apple script to plug into KM with a trigger hotkey or typed trigger but it does not work as is, and I imagine my ignorance has me possibly very close to making this work. What's missing?

tell application "Default Folder X"
end tell