Delay in activating clipboard history switcher

I’m a big fan of the clipboard history switcher, which for my money works better than any dedicated clipboard manager I’ve encountered.

Just started encountering a problem,however. When I invoke the switcher using a keystroke,there is a 6-second delay before the switcher appears. When I use the same keystroke to toggle the switcher closed, however, there is no delay in its disappearing.

Any ideas how to fix this? Not a huge delay, granted, but 6 seconds is plenty long enough for my tiny brain to lose a train of thought.

Many thanks!

What versions of KM and OS X are you running?

Running OS 10.10.3, and KM 7.0.1.

Most likely you have copied something really large at some point. If so, you can go through and find the culprit and delete it from your history, or it will disappear off the end of the history after a while, depending on how many things you copy.

Thank you, Peter - will do!

Yes, this worked like a charm. Turns out it was a series of smallish clips (no one clip particularly large) from Word for OSx. (Yes, someone still occasionally uses Word.)

Is there anyway to limit the number of clipboard entry in the clipboard history switcher so that it always opens fast?

I think this command in the terminal limits the number to the value you choose.

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine MaxClipboardHistory -int 10

In this case 10 items

Thank you, Jimmy. It seems it works.

What’s the original default limit of clipboard history?

200 in 7.x, 100 before that.

Is 200 the limit now?

Yes if you have not overridden it.