Desktop Images Macros (v3.5)

Desktop Images Macros (v3.5)
This is an update to earlier versions. It includes a new option to hide the desktop icons to allow the wallpaper images to take over the entire screen if the auto-menubar option is enabled.


Documentation for Desktop Images

This packages manages Desktop Wallpaper. It automatically launches when the Keyboard Maestro (KM) Engine launches.

All of it's main functions are accessed either through Hot Keys, or through KM Status Menu items.

A user tells this package which folder contains the JPEGs to use as background wallpaper. I have at this time a folder with about 8,400 high resolution images downloaded over the last few months with topics covering Black Lives Matter, Corona-19, Beirut, nature, animals, museum artwork, landscapes, etc. I've tested it with one and two screens. I haven't written support for more screens, but it doesn't look hard to do that.

The package also has an option to autohide a menu bar, so that the entire screen can be used, or not to hide the menu bar and have it always visible. You can also set the speed in which wallpaper changes.

MacOS has a concept of Desktop Spaces, managed through the MIssion Contol app (or through System Preferences). For each physical screen or monitor, you can have different numbers of Desktop Spaces. If you change the number of spaces, run the initialization command.

You can scan through the existing spaces on each monitor one time, or update them one time. You can also scan or update them continuously, also called screensaver mode. It is recommended to use the Hot Key to exit screensaver mode, since frequent screen changes may make finding the KM Status Menu difficult. If you remember any command Hot Key at all, remember the stop screensaver command: "^ ⇧.". Another setting defines an approximate "idle" time before the screensaver function automatically starts.

Finally, you can inquire which JPEG is showing on for the current space each screen, or randomly change the JPEG showing on the current space on each screen.

All settings can be changed with the Change Settings menu item. They are saved and restored automatically whenever changed.

This software is provided “as is”. Use at your own risk.

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Desktop Images Macros.kmmacros (211 KB)

Corrected a small bug, and added an enhancement to hide all desktop icons.