Detect New Message Window

Is there a way for KM to detect the appearance of a new a message window from a single application? Even better would be the ability to read the subject line of the message window.

Are you referring to Notifications?

Please provide a screenshot of a typical “message”.

The shot is from Microsoft Outlook 2011. I have not been able to figure out
why the problem exists. Mail doesn¹t get that message, so the connection is
fine. The messages pop up frequently, and the Dock icon bounces. They are
driving me crazy. I want to automatically say no to the Message box until I
solve the problem.

Greg Tetrault

This macro should give you a good starting point and/or some ideas.
You may need to adjust the trigger and the IF/THEN Action.

I'm not getting a popup like that, so I can't really test.
Be sure to put this macro in a Macro Group that is activated ONLY when Outlook is frontmost, so that it is not being triggered needlessly.

MACRO:   Respond to Outlook 2011 Popup Message [Example]

~~~ VER: 1.0    2018-03-17 ~~~


Respond to Outlook 2011 Popup Message [Example].kmmacros (3.3 KB)
Note: This Macro was uploaded in a DISABLED state. You must enable before it can be triggered.



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Apparently, the Microsoft Outlook message window does not act like a real
window, so the macro can’t be triggered when the message window appears.
I’ve got another use for that macro, so I’m glad to have it.

Greg Tetrault

You might want to check the name of the Window. I can't reproduce your exact error msg, but KM responds correctly to this one:



If there is no window name, you could try checking for just that, plus the existence of the "No" button.