Did Mac OS 11.5 break Click on Found Images (resolved)

Off and on, I've had challenges with clicking on found images. I should know better than to update important computers before checking, but I did the update on both my M1 Mac Mini and Intel iMac, and on the M1, so far, I've had challenges getting the images to be "seen" by the script step. Even re-making the click on found image step and carefully adding the image from the clipboard, then testing it with Go, results in an instant failure. I use Best for my image selection, and find that turning on Display (so it shows me where it's clicking on the screen) improves accuracy...but my accuracy is zero right now. All found image clicks seem broken on M1 and Mac OS 15.5.

OK I resolved this, permission for Screen Recording had not been switched on. Doing so fixed this!

Open macOS system preferences and uncheck/check KM and KM Engine

Didn't think of that. I noticed that Screen Recording was not set to 'on' so it could have been that. And yes, that seems to have fixed it! I will edit this post so it's clear.

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Seems that upgrading between OS versions messes up KM from time to time. Glad it worked.

Fantastic news… as I sit here waiting for mine to update :scream::sweat_smile:

I just upgraded and ran into this same issue. I'm sure glad you posted this @ppayne - it probably saved me a bunch of time! Thank you.

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Ah! I've been searching for a solution for hours! I finally upgraded from Mojave via Catalina to Big Sur, just last week, and my macros were not working! I thought it was a problem with Big Sur or KM. I've reset permissions and PRAM and SMC, but nothing worked until I saw this line about Screen Recording. THANK YOU!

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