Different Adobe Creative Suite Versions

Hi there!

We are using Keyboard Maestro in a small office (3 computers). I created a ton of macros containing Creative Suite applications. Problem is, on each computer there’s another version of CS installed. So the macros I created for CS4 won’t work on my colleague’s computer with CS6.
To open a file with a specific application or to perform a background action in a specific application you need to specify the exact .app. So I create my macros using /Applications/Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro/Adobe Acrobat Pro, switch to another computer and have to change every single action to /Applications/Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Adobe Acrobat Pro. This also means we’re unable to sync our macros, cause everyone needs his own.
Is there a way to specify an application by name or (even better) to check once in a macro and automatically assign the correct version to the actions?
The only way I see is to create every single action three times using if (folder X exists) else if (folder Y exists) else. Which is no perfect solution.

Thanks a lot for suggestions!

No, Keyboard Maestro does not deal well with this sort of situation. It will certainly make syncing very problematic as Keyboard Maestro will find the applications in new locations by bundle id for some cases and then change the references which will then break on the original Mac.

Keyboard Maestro also generally has no way of specifying an application based on anything other than its full path (though it does, as I mentioned, also know the bundle id and will go looking for it if it can’t find it, this is just as likely to cause problems as solutions).

And this will affect any reference to the application - opening files with a specific application, selecting menus within a specific application, etc.

The only way to make syncing work (other than the obvious of making the various Macs consistent) is to write sub-macros that figure out which application to use and then perform whatever actions based on the available application. Eg, make a macro that opens a file stored in a known variable in Acrobat, which figures out which Mac it is on and opens the appropriate Acrobat. However even here you’re going to run in to problems with the individual actions, since if they reference a non-existent (on this Mac) application, Keyboard Maestro will go looking for a matching one).

Frankly, its just not going to work well I’m afraid. There are a bunch of technical hurdles which would need to be solved for this to work well, an it is far from obvious how they should operate. For example, Keyboard Maestro could just base everything on the bundle ID and say, fine just look for com.adobe.Acrobat (or whatever it is). But then people often have old versions of applications lying around, and they will get erroneously used.

So while I know this is an issue, I don’t have any answers or solutions, not in the short term, and even in the longer term I don’t know how well I can make a situation like this work.

Hello Peter,
thanks a lot for your elaborate response. It’s a shame that these things don’t work because KM would be utterly helpful dealing with Adobe’s junk.
I do see your point, though. I understand the difficulties regarding the problem, I understand as well there’s nothing you can do about it at the moment.
If you happen to experience some kind of epiphany and find a solution, it would be very appreciated nonetheless.